Tastes and colors inspiring happiness

A lunch on the terraces enlightened by the Atlas and in the faraway rumors of the souks, a rewarding pause to appreciate a creative and colorful Moroccan salads or a big divers menu of tajines.
The talaa12 Riad proposes itself, differently than hotels, offering you another experience, by the merge of the Moroccan particular hospitality, sincere and generous, and the original sophisticated gastronomy, of multiples spices, to discover the authentic Moroccan cuisine. 
The Moroccan cuisine is made of fresh seasonal products, you can be surprised or decide the morning with Karim and the chef of what you would like to taste.
Diner at night, in the feverish glow of the candles, to discover the creative wealth, the variety of spices and perfumes of the traditional cuisine, and also the careful kindness procured by talaa12 services.
Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner, the talaa12 Riad put at your disposal large sunny terraces with fantastic view over the snowy Atlas Mountains and a restaurant space for night meals, in the romantic magic of candles. A trip of total escape, apart from preconceived ideas, far from clichés.
An unforgettable trip made of emotions, impressions and sensations, of novelties and surprises which leaves strong marks in your heart… and in ours.